Conveyancing Services

Read Abstracts Limited prepares complete Real Estate files for start to finish. Whether it be a Purchase, Sale or Refinancing, everything from the requisition letter and request for funds to all signing documents, accounting documents and final report letters.

Additional Document Preparation

Examples of the documents prepared on the behalf of solicitors:

  • Survivorship Aplications
  • Transmission Applications
  • Applications to Delete Executions
  • Applications to Amend the Register
  • Constructions Liens
  • etc.

Answering Requisitions

We will review all requisitions and provide answers or, in the alternative, solutions. Not only will we provide solutions, we will also prepare all the necessary documentation to fulfill your undertaking.

Example: You receive a requisition to remove an old mortgage on title which has been paid and you cannot locate the Mortgagee. We will prepare all necessary documents to obtain a court order including preparation and filing of the court documents and Teraview documents.